Bitscope Signal Probes

Bitscope Signal Probes are programmable PC based oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators and data acquisition systems for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi. They offer comprehensive solutions in test, measurement, monitoring & control for engineers in industry, education, R&D and service.

Affordable and Flexible

BitScopes are very cost effective and range from the tiny USB powered BitScope Micro to full sized industrial grade and networkable mixed signal oscilloscope solutions. They are all based on the unique and powerful BitScope Virtual Machine which means they can always be upgraded and customized dynamically in software.

Bitscope BS05U
Bitscope Micro – BS05U

Robust and Reliable

BitScopes are built to last. Whether it’s a network connected rack mount data acquisition system, desktop USB connected test instrument or a portable multi-purpose mixed signal capture system, most BitScopes are housed in a tough aluminium case for robust physical protection and reliable EMI immunity.

BitScopes deployed years ago are still in active service and all 23 supported models are compatible with the latest software so you can rely on them 24×7 for years to come.

Mixed Signal Operation

All BitScopes capture digital + analog signals simultaneously. Whether it’s a network connected mixed signal scope or the tiny BitScope Micro, each one offers a combined view of analog and digital waveforms.

Most models have 100 MHz bandwidth and up to 40 MS/s digital capture. Some include waveform and clock generators, protocol decoders, digital I/O and all can drive low power external circuits.

BitScopes are ideal for prototyping, testing and debugging all sorts of real-world mixed signal systems from analog circuitry, digital logic and embedded computing to communications systems, sensors and servos in robotics or industrial process monitoring and control systems.

Bitscope BS10U
Bitscope BS10U Mixed Signal Probe

Software Solutions

BitScopes are available with a wide range of software for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and embedded x86 and ARM. All models include BitScope DSO for analog and mixed signal work and BitScope Logic for digital.

There is a growing range of other software applications available for specific purposes including BitScope Meter for fast and automated waveform measurement and BitScope Chart for multi-channel data acquisition and chart recording.

BitScopes are fully user programmable so they can be used in highly customized applications or even integrated into third party products and software systems on OEM.

They may be programmed directly at the virtual machine level using publish user guides or via the BitScope Library which makes available all BitScope’s mixed signal data acquisition and generation functions via an easy to use function call API.

BitScope Signal Probes & Raspberry Pi in Industrial Solutions

Raspberry Pi and BitScope work well together to build reliable industrial strength physical computing platforms for test, measurement and data acquisition.

Their software works very well on Raspberry Pi but the Raspberry Pi offers a lot more than this for BitScope based test and measurement.

Comprehensive industrial quality and scalable solutions can be built with Raspberry Pi using BitScope Blade.

This includes flexible multi-channel test & measurement systems using BitScope Micro and Uno Pi up to cluster computing solutions for some serious data processing built with Duo Pi or Quattro Pi mounted in Blade Racks.

Blades work with other solutions too, such as Sense HAT and the new Raspberry Pi 3 offers built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and quad-core 64 bit processing as standard.

It doesn’t end with test & measurement. BitScope Blade is also well suited for stand-alone servers and workstations, cluster computing and cloud hosting infrastructure, remote sensing, general physical computing and in education.

Of course, like BitScope itself, Raspberry Pi is user programmable and a huge range of software solutions are available for it via several different operating sysems published on the Raspberry Pi website or customised solutions which are available from BitScope. Connected BitScopes may be programmed directly via Raspberry Pi so all of BitScope’s mixed signal data acquisition and generation functions are directly available to Raspberry Pi. The BitScope Library is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models and may be used with other functions provided by the Raspberry Pi or connected HAT devices from third parties.