Bitscope dual channel BNC adapter


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Bitscope SP-01A dual channel BNC adapter for the BS-10u

The SP01A is a dual channel BNC adapter for BitScope Mini. It allows the use of industry standard oscilloscope probes. It also supports simultaneous use of the logic inputs and connection to the waveform and clock generator outputs. The SP01A adapter connects via the BitScope Smart Port allowing 1:1, 10:1, 100:1 and other standard attenuating oscilloscope probes as well as current, differential or any other type of BNC terminated sensor designed for use with 1MΩ/20pF oscilloscope inputs.

The BNC sockets are supplied with ring nuts and washers so SP01A can be bench mounted. The logic, waveform generator and clock signals appear on the 16-pin header between the BNC sockets. The analog inputs are replicated on the 16-pin header and every input has an associated ground pin below it (for twisted pair connection). Two terminator plugs are included to ground any pair of inputs or to route the waveform generator and/or clock outputs to the BNC sockets.

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