Terabee Ranging Products

Terabee is a highly diverse and international organization, employing only the brightest minds in the fields of sensing, electronics, optics, robotics, control theory, and other highly specialist fields. Terabee ranging products utilise time of flight sensors to produce ranging and counting products.

Terabee Sensor modules

Look around you, people and objects are moving! What applications can you build if we enable access to digital movement information? Unlock the untapped limitless potential, with Terabee.

Terabee develops and manufactures a wide range of sensor modules, including 2D infrared LED Time-of-Flight distance sensors, 3D Time-of-Flight depth cameras, and thermal cameras. Their products are easy to use, compact, lightweight and offer great performance right out of the box!

Terabee Ranging Products & Sensor modules

Speed Up New Product and Application Developments

When you need bespoke solutions, we can help. Benefit from our deep knowledge of multiple technologies, including LiDAR, optical Time-of-Flight, ultrasound, radar, Infrared thermal imaging, radio-frequency positioning systems, and more. We bring a wealth of creative thinking and technical innovation using lean and agile methods. From integrating Terabee sensor modules into OEM products to custom sensor design, we have the skills to bring your requirements to life.

3D ToF cameras

Developed for indoor applications, these compact 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth cameras will enable you to measure volume, recognize gestures, capture movement and more. Benefit from factory calibrated depth data and quick and easy setup.
Terabee 3D Cam

Real time people counting and extractable metrics

Track and count people entering and exiting a building, room or space with Terabee’s 3D Time-of-flight based people counting system. With 98% accuracy, our visitor counter systems, combined with our unique people counting algorithm, provide data relating to occupancy levels. Use real-time and accumulative data for on-going business analysis and decision making or to optimize HVAC systems. Alternatively use real-time data to calculate the density of people within a specific space for social distancing purposes.
Terabee People Counting

Solutions for contactless and safe level monitoring

How can you know how much material is left in your silos, without actually leaving your office? Do you want to reduce costly and sometimes dangerous physical inspections of silos and other storage units?
Install Terabee devices and obtain real-time level data of solid, powder or liquid materials, directly from your silos and tanks. By using LED Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology we can reach up to 60m range for safe, non-intrusive inventory management of even the largest silos!
From wireless, self-powered IoT devices to cable-based sensors with industry-standard protocols – consult with our experienced team to find a suitable solution for your project.
Terabee Level Sensing

Robust, low-cost sensors to enable your industrial automation

Are you looking for reliable, affordable easy-to-install technology for movement detection, distance measurement and temperature monitoring?

Install Terabee off-the-shelf sensors with industrial communication protocols to meet the needs of many of your automated industrial processes.

Whether you are looking for intelligent, long-range distance sensors, and low-cost thermal imaging sensors, Terabee is a world leader in sensing, electronics, and automation.

Terabee Ranging Products for Industrial Automation

Positioning and perception tools for your mobile robots

Are you looking for inexpensive alternatives to traditional robot positioning and navigation systems? Do you want to give your robots added perception and increased awareness?

Discover Terabee’s low-cost solutions for cliff detection, distance sensing, relative and absolute positioning.

Terabee Robotics