DS Instruments Microwave Test Equipment

DS Instruments

DS Instruments designs and manufactures unique Microwave Test Equipment including Signal Generators, Digital Attenuators, Mixers, RF Switches, Digital Phase Shifters and Frequency Counters. Our products are compact, affordable and reliable, making them attractive to engineers and technicians in aerospace, education, military, communications, and laboratories overseas. Our most popular instruments are completely controllable via USB PC GUI, automated SCPI COM port commands, Ethernet connection, and front push-buttons, making them some of the most flexible devices on the market.

FRXO100 provides an extremely stable reference clock for nearly any type of RF equipment. Not only does it provide four 10MHz outputs, the FRXO also provides two ultra-low-noise 100MHz clock outputs, and a programmable divided output between 0.1 and 50MHz.DS Instruments TT7000 (R6) – USB WIDEBAND RF METER / GENERATOR / COUNTER

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