Kirisun PoC Radios

Kirisun PoC radios feature the advantages of PTT convenience teamed with the coverage provided by our nation-wide cellular network.

No need to operate your own radio base stations across a local area, region or the whole country.

All your users are connected via your own private group, allowing private one-to-one conversations or group calls.

The radios come packaged with a SIM card on our network so they are ready to operate out of the box.

While users can opt to insert their own SIM card, we cannot guarantee the quality of the service you then get will match what we can provide on our fully-managed system.

Remember, you get the quality you pay for!

Kirisun P2T Compact Two Way Radio
Kirisun P2T Shadow

Key features

• In-vehicle & hand portable models available

• Durable, easy-to-use and set up

• Approved to Australian standards

• Connect via our supplied SIM, to any mobile carrier or using Wi-Fi

• Supported by local servers for an “always on” service

• Contact 1:1 or 1:many across Australia!

  • Keep track of your assets with GPS tracking.
  • Talk to your remote staff from your desktop.
  • Monitor jobs and activity from the office.
GPS Playback 2
GPS Playback
Kirisun PoC Console Screenshot