Virtins DSO 2820R


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Virtins DSO 2820R

The Virtins DSO-2820R is one of the second-generation USB DSOs designed and developed by Virtins Technology. This generation of USB DSOs features Virtins Technology’s unique hardware-based DSP algorithm which enhances the performance and functionality dramatically without adding extra hardware cost. When used in conjunction with Multi-Instrument(TM) software, the USB DSO converts any desktop, laptop, or tablet PC into a powerful oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter, data logger, signal generator and so forth, all of which work simultaneously.

Package Contents
1) Virtins DSO-2820R unit with a hardware bundled Multi-Instrument Standard software license
2) 2 x 100 MHz Oscilloscope Probe P6100 with two switchable positions: x1, x10
3) USB cable (1.5m)
4) CD (contains the copy-protected Multi-Instrument software and VT DSO-2820R driver)
Powered by Multi-Instrument(TM), a powerful multi-function virtual instrument software
Free to download and try with full functionality using your sound card:

Main Hardware Specifications
Max. Sampling Rate: 200MHz
Min. Sampling Rate: 1Hz
Equivalent Time Sampling Rate: 40GHz
Bit Depth: 8~16 bits
Analog Bandwidth: 80MHz
12 Voltage Ranges: +/-50mV ~ +/-50V
DC Accuracy: 1%
Modes Supported: Frame & Streaming
Frame Buffer Size: 20k bytes per channel
Streaming Buffer Size: virtually unlimited
Analog Inputs: 2 (1 MΩ, 15 pF)
Probe Calibration Signal Output
Square: 25 MHz / N, (N=1, 2, 3, …25000)
MLS: 25 MHz / N, (N=1, 2, 3, …25000)
Voltage Range: 0~3.3V, not adjustable
Digital Output: 1 (600 Ω)



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