Signal Hound BB60C 6GHz Spectrum Analyser



Signal Hound BB60C 6GHz Spectrum Analyser

The Signal Hound BB60C 6GHz Spectrum Analyser is a real-time RF spectrum analyzer streams 140 MB/sec of digitized RF to your PC utilizing USB 3.0, providing an instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz, and sweep speeds of 24 GHz/sec.

The BB60C bettered performance over previous versions, including improving spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) by 20 dB,  flattening the noise floor and band transitions by more than 8 dB, and extending available operating temperatures down to -40ºC and up to +65ºC instead of the previous model’s 0ºC to +50ºC range. The BB60C design has been tested and works flawlessly, with calibrated accuracy, for a 3 hour cold soak at -40ºC and also during a 24 hour hot soak at +65ºC.

The BB60C also adds new functionality in the form of configurable I/Q streaming bandwidths which will be retroactively available on the BB60A.

As a spectrum analyzer, our proprietary application programming interface (API) can perform up to 1.2 million FFT spectrums or 320 million FFT points every second, delivering real-time spectrum data to our open-source Graphical User Interface (GUI), or to your own software application. Because of these immense processing requirements, we recommend a desktop PC with an Intel quad-core i7-2600 or better, or a laptop with an i7-3612QM or better.

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Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm
Temperature Range

0°C to +65°C, -40°C to +65°C

Calibration Certificate

No cal certificate, Calibration Certificate from Factory