TT7000-E RF Power Meter/Frequency Counter, 100-7000MHz


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RF Power Meter/Frequency Counter, 100-7000MHz

DS Instruments RF Power Meter/Frequency Counter, 100-7000MHz

The DS Instruments TT7000 combines a calibrated RMS RF Power Meter, a wide-band frequency counter, and a RF Signal Generator into one miniature USB device. Incredibly useful in production verification environments and other automated test setups, the TT7000 brings great value to any project. Fractional-N synthesis signal generation covers 300MHz to 9600MHz with low phase noise and adjustable output power. RF Power Meter functionality covers from -45 to +5 dBm for frequencies between 100MHz to 7GHz. Not only is the TT7000 powered from USB and controlled with standard SCPI commands, but it also provides also a stand-alone user interface and display. For only $999 no modern microwave laboratory can be without an instrument of this utility and portability. No host computer required. Designed and built in USA with only genuine cutting-edge semiconductors.

Now Shipping Rev 6 with output step attenuator + vernier control, and simultaneous generator-meter mode.

System Operation Modes:

  • RF Power Meter and Frequency Counter (simultaneous)
  • Signal Generator & Power Meter (simultaneous)
  • Power Meter (manual frequency calibration)
  • Frequency Counter
  • RF Signal Generator
  • High-power RF Divider (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X)

TT7000 RF Meter/Counter/Generator Features:

  • Crisp OLED Front Display
  • Front control buttons & status LEDs
  • USB powered and virtual COM port SCPI control
  • All-Aluminum black compact enclosure
  • Internal precision reference frequency
  • Automatic power meter calibration using internal RF frequency counter
  • Adjustable power output (Band 1 < 4.8GHz)
  • Premium 18GHz microwave SMA jacks
  • Low signal generator phase noise
  • USB voltage monitor

Technical Specifications:

  • Power meter frequency range: 50MHz – 8GHz
  • Power meter typical dynamic range: 50dB (-45dBm to +5dBm)
  • Power measurement speed: 25mS min (40Hz)
  • Power meter Resolution: 0.05dB
  • Power meter absolute accuracy: ±1.0dB typical
  • Frequency counter range: 100MHz – 7GHz
  • Frequency counter sensitivity: -25dBm typical
  • Frequency counter resolution: 1KHz
  • Frequency counter accuracy: ±3KHz
  • Frequency counter speed: 0.1 – 1.0 Second
  • Signal generator range: 300 – 9600MHz
  • Signal generator bands: 300-4800, 4800-9600MHz
  • Band 1 power level: -15 to +15dBm in 0.25dB steps
  • Band 2 power level: +12dBm typical
  • Signal generator step size: 10Hz
  • Internal reference stability: ±280 PPB


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm