KestrelPod II Antenna


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The KestrelPod II Antenna is an Ultra-Wideband Surveillance Antenna for remote deployment, RF collection and geo‐location heat-mapping. It includes a low profile Radome design that discretely blends in for most (Near‐Field) temporary, portable RF sweep deployment scenarios. It is ideal for RF based technical security applications: real‐time spectrum monitoring, signal localization, signal analysis, and short or long‐term RF collection, and comparative RF analysis.

Multiple Receiver Operation (MRO)™ is fully supported when utilized with the Kestrel TSCM® Professional Software. Location Differential Signal Analysis (LDSA) is then also supported. Portability and placement is simplified and the KestrelPod II™ is easily setup quickly on the floor or working desktop. The KestrelPod II™ Antenna is terminated with a bulkhead SMA (F) connector. It supports a variety of external band specific boost antenna elements. Optional RF adapters and low loss cables are also available.

The KestrelPod II Antenna is a low cost solution for tactical deployment in any type of business or corporate sweep environment. It is a custom-engineered ultra-wideband (Near‐Field) design, developed by Kestrel’s Technical Research and Standards Group (TRSG)™. A number of KestrelPod II™ antennas can be utilized in combination with the Kestrel TSCM™ Professional Software and Multiple Receiver Operation (MRO) mode. This gives the ability to collect and compare real‐time RF spectrum and waterfall trace data by utilizing LDSA™, and Receiver Differential Signal Analysis (RDSA)™. Geo-location mapping is also supported. The ability to capture remotely-collected spectrum in real‐time across multiple spectrum analyzers is fully supported.

Near‐Field Spectrum Range: 100 kHz – 12 GHz
Isotropic Gain: Nominal (5 dBi)
Type: (360 degree) Omni‐Directional Pattern
Polarization: Vertical and Horizontal
Front / Back Ratio: Nominal (15 dB)
Impedance: 50 Ω
Connector: Bulkhead SMA (F)
Mechanical: 165 mm x 90 mm
Weight: 0.3 kg

Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice…

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm