Aerobits TR-1A, 1W Transponder Module


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The Aerobits TR­1A belongs to second generation of the smallest ADS­B transceivers on market and has been developed for civil and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The device operates on 1090MHz and allows to receive and transmit ADS­B data with defined 0.25,0.5 or 1 Watt output power. The transceiver does not require external devices to operate. It is equipped with a high quality multi­GNSS receiver and a pressure sensor. The aluminium housing and ESD protection guarantee high resistance of the device to work in difficult conditions. TR­1A opens the way to the implementation of the Detect and Avoid algorithms, supporting the integration of UAS into the airspace.


ICAO addresses are used to provide a unique identity normally allocated to an individual aircraft or registration. Please do not use random ICAO! Address becomes a part of the aircraft’s Certificate of Registration and MUST be given by Civil Aviation Authority and registered in aircraft database.



• Real­time aircraft tracking on 1090MHz

• Patented FPGA­In­The­Loop TM technology with the capability of receiving thousands of frames per second

• Integrated GNSS source and pressure sensor

• 0.25/0.5/1 Watt RF output power

• Implemented MAVLink and AERO TM protocol

• Low­power consumption and low weight design

• Simple plug&play integration

• Programming via AT commands

• Designed to meet MOPS DO­260B (except the output power)

• Dimension: 35.0×25.0x8.5mm



Frequency: 1090MHz

Input voltage: 5V

Current consumption: 140mA

Sensitivity: ­80dBm

RF Output power: Configurable +30dBm, +27dBm, +24dBm

ESD protection: All lines

MAVLink (baud): 115200bps

AERO (baud): 115200bps (AT commands)

Main connector: PXMBNI05RPM04APC

Antenna connector: 2x MMCX

Dimension: 35.0×25.0x8.5mm

Weight (without cables and antennas): 14grams



1 – Red – +5V – Power supply (5V/70mA)

2 – Green – TX – Data from device to host

3 – White – RX – Data from host to device

4 – Black – GND – Ground

TR-1A Electrical







TR-1A Mechanical


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