MX20000-E 12-22GHz RF Mixer w/Ethernet


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MX20000-E 12-22GHz RF Mixer w/Ethernet

DS Instruments MX20000 RF Mixer and LO Generator.

MX20000-E 12-22GHz RF Mixer w/Ethernet

THE most compact and economical microwave integrated-LO-mixer on the planet.

The MX20000-E 12-22GHz RF Mixer w/Ethernet is a wideband high-performance general purpose microwave double-balanced mixer with integrated 10GHz – 22GHz Local Oscillator. LO frequency can be set with front controls, USB commands, or the provided windows PC application. Using its ultra-low noise internal reference source, the LO signal has extremely low phase noise. The MX20000 makes a convenient upconverter or downconverter by eliminating the need for extra cabling and a separate bulky, expensive, high-frequency signal source.

Now shipping Rev9 with improved harmonic levels and lowered phase noise! – (2024)

MX20000 Integrated-LO Mixer Features:

  • USB-C powered from Laptop, battery-pack, Smartphone Charger, PC…
  • Compact, rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Bright and efficient OLED display
  • Simple and effective control interface
  • Internal LO harmonic-filtering
  • Industry standard virtual COM port serial commands
  • Ultra-premium gold 50-ohm microwave SMA ports
  • Internal precision reference frequency source
  • Reference input and output MCX ports (10MHz & 100MHz)

RF Hybrid Mixer Specs:

  • Integrated 10 – 22GHz low-noise programmable local oscillator
  • RF range: 10 – 22GHz
  • IF range: LF to 6GHz
  • High RF input P1dB > +11dBm
  • Low LO leakage:< -30dB typical
  • LO phase noise at 18GHz (10KHz offset): ~94dBc
  • Low conversion loss (8-12dB typical)
  • Return loss: 10 dB typical
  • Typical IP3: 18dBm
  • Max RF input power: +20dBm
  • Reference Frequency: ±280PPB 10MHz TCXO & 100MHz VCXO

Typical Mixing Applications:

  • General microwave lab applications
  • Receiver development
  • Communications applications
  • Satellite uplink / downlink testing
  • Radar systems
  • Defense / electronic warfare


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