TG6000 Tracking Generator, 6GHz


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DS Instruments Tracking Generator, 6GHz – TG6000

– Key Features

– Multiple Spectrum Analyzer Support

>80dB Dynamic Range

– Optional 12GHz Band 3

– Standalone TG Source, no PC needed

– USB RF Signal Generator Mode

– USB Powered

– Competitive Price

– Compact Size

TG6000, A Generic Tracking Signal Generator

The DS Instruments Tracking Generator, 6GHz enables users to generate a tracking signal >6GHz using their Spectrum Analyzer (SA). Preprogrammed settings support a large number of existing SA s.

In addition it is possible for the user to configure the instrument for other analyzers using the provided PC software and USB interface.

The TG6000 covers the fundamental band (Band 0) and Band 1 of the users SA.

Ease of Use

The user connects the Spectrum Analyzers 1st LO and its 10MHz to the TG6000. Selection of SA Model is done by rear panel rotary switches.

A TG signal is now active at the TG OUT port of the instrument. With the users DUT inserted between the TG output and the SA input the DUT frequency response is automatically traced on the users SA display.

No PC is needed to operate the TG6000 as a tracking signal source.

Signal Generator Operation

The TG6000 can operate as a broad band RF signal generator with the output frequency controlled via rear panel USB port. The SG output is fully synthesized and locked to the applied or internal 10Mhz reference.

A provided Software application allows the user to set the frequency of the SG OUT port. Frequency output covers from 25MHz to 6.0 GHz.

The USB port is configured as a virtual COM port which supports industry standard SCPI commands for frequency and level.


Parameter Min Max Typ Units
TG Output Frequency Range 1 >6000 MHz
TG Band 3 Range (TG12000) 5.8 12000 MHz
TG Output Power -9 +3 -3 dBm
TG Output Flatness +/-3 dB
TG Dynamic Range, 3KHz RBW >80 dB
SG Output Frequency Range 25 6000 MHz
SG Output Power @ Max Setting +9 +16 +12 dBm
SG Step Size 0.5 4.00 kHz
1st LO Frequency Range (SA Input) 1 7 GHz
1st LO Power from User s SA -5 +15 5 dBm
10MHz Reference Input power Range -15 +15 0 dBm
DC Power Input thru USB Port 4.75 5.35 5.0 Vdc
 SMA port return loss 10 >12 dB
DC current requirement – USB 600 400 mA
 Internal Reference TCXO Stability +/-2.5 PPM
 Device Temperature Rating 25 Deg.C
Phase Noise @ 6000MHz, 10KHz Offset -30 50 -72 dBc
@ 2400MHz, 10KHz Offset -85 dBc
@ 900MHz, 10KHz Offset -92 dBc

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm