SG30000L Signal Generator 30GHz


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SG30000L Signal Generator 30GHz

DS Instruments SG30000L 30GHz signal generator

SG30000L Signal Generator 30GHz

Introducing the new compact SG30000L microwave generator!

This all-new hardware version of our standard 30GHz signal generator offers the same low-noise performance of the SG30000PRO, but without the costly switching for a low frequency band. Like our SG6000L product line, this microwave generator is fully programmable via SCPI commands, or the front panel interface, making it more flexible than any competing product. High output power, wide bandwidth, and ultra-compact size make this the best value 30GHz source on the market. Great for test setups and automated applications where low frequency output is not required. The new 2023 hardware design lowers both harmonic and sub-harmonic levels greatly.

Now shipping REV 5 (2023) !

SG30000L Standard 30GHz Device Features:

  • Output frequency range covering 14 – 30GHz
  • Calibrated power output range: -18dBm to +13dBm
  • Power output resolution (calibrated digital steps): 0.5dB
  • Power output resolution (sub-step vernier – uncalibrated): ~0.1dB
  • Excellent phase noise: <-90dBc @ 30GHz @ 10KHz offset
  • Harmonic levels: < -20dBc typical
  • Typical frequency switching time: < 5mS
  • Extremely small frequency step size (2Hz)
  • Ultra-low-noise 100MHz VCXO locked to internal TCXO or external 10MHz reference
  • Internal precision high-frequency reference source (±280PPB 10MHz)
  • External 10MHz reference input (MCX jack)
  • Multi-use control/trigger input port (MCX jack)
  • Compact powder-coated laser-etched enclosure
  • Stand-alone frequency sweeping support
  • Precision 2.92mm RF output port (not SMA!)
  • Ethernet remote operation (DHCP)
  • Windows control software included (USB & Network enabled)
  • SCPI command aware via USB-C virtual COM port for remote control
  • Front controls and bright OLED display for stand-alone usage
  • Completely powered from USB-C, no DC adapter required!

Common RF Applications:

  • Automated testing environments
  • General RF lab use
  • Flexible LO sourcing
  • Antenna design
  • EMC testing
  • Production verification and test setups
  • Educational / university lab use
  • Aerospace / Defense Research
  • Ku-band satellite link testing
  • Ka-band development
  • Up-converting and down-converting
  • Line of sight link testing
  • Wireless infrastructure design
  • Transponder verification
  • 5G testing
  • mm-wave technology

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm