Hytera LTE/PMR Solutions


Hytera LTE/PMR Solutions

The Hytera LTE/PMR Solutions comprise cutting-edge Multi-mode Advanced Radio terminals, narrowband-broadband infrastructure, and management software. It incorporates feature-rich broadband technologies while ensuring that critically important voice services remain reliably accessible using narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT.

Hytera LTE/PMR Solutions Base Band Unit
Base Band Unit (BBU)
I Mesh 3
Broadband IP Mesh Solution (iMesh)
Hytera LTE/PMR Solutions
Enhanced Trunking Core (eTC)
I Bs 3
Integrated Base Station (iBS)
Rru 2
Remote Radio Unit (RRU)







Widely used public safety and utilities industries, narrowband network communications devices are necessary for emergency communications. In addition to voice scheduling, users want to not only hear each other but also see each other clearly.

With development of commercial LTE technology, its most significant attributes such as low latency and high bandwidth have brought great changes to the way we communicate. LTE technology has now been brought into the field of private communications. Its capability of transferring large volumes of big data and videos helps us to see the world more clearly.

3GPP approved the standard for mission-critical PTT(MCPTT) over LTE in Release 13. Considering issues such as the customers’ actual demands, progress in standardization, and frequency approval, however, it is a natural choice for now and for the foreseeable future to carry the mission-critical voice service on the narrowband private network, commercial LTE network is the best solution for today’s market.

Relying on the integration of the narrowband and broadband network, the Hytera LTE/PMR Solutions achieves voice, data, and image transmission through multi-mode smart terminals. This solution helps users facilitate collaboration across public and private networks. Accordingly, users can enjoy instant dispatching and a seamless connection in mission-critical communication.

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