PS6000P Digital Phase Shifter 3.5-6GHz


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DS Instruments PS6000P Digital Phase Shifter 3.5-6GHz

DS Instruments PS6000P Phase Shifter

PS6000P Features List

  • 5.625-degree phase steps
  • Power input level up to +26dBm
  • Input IP3: 40dBm
  • Bi-directional design
  • Low insertion loss: ~6dB typical
  • Micro-USB powered and remote controlled
  • Front OLED display and controls
  • Easy to program with just a few lines of code
  • Save settings to device memory
  • Free windows control software included

Frequency Bands Available

  • 1.1-1.5GHz
  • 1.3-2.5GHz
  • 2.2-3.8GHz
  • 3.4-6.0GHz
  • 0.5-6.0GHz (PS6000L Active-Core)
  • 8.0-12.0GHz
  • 6.0-18.0GHz