Aerobits TIM MC1 ADSB receiver module


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Aerobits TIM MC1 Multicore ADSB receiver module

The Aerobits TIM-MC1 Multicore ADSB receiver module is a 1090MHz, high-performance ADS-B receiver with unique combination of a multi-core processor and FPGA support. Allowing high-speed data processing, comparable to professional, ground-based stations. Simultaneous miniaturization of the module and its OEM nature opens a wide range of possible applications.



FPGA-In-The-Loop technology for the fastest ADS-B/In implementation
High-resolution ADC with real-time signal processing based on an adaptive algorithm; best-in-class aircraft tracking
ADS-B and Mode-S with a capability of receiving thousands of frames per second
RF power measurement for each frame (useful for distance estimation in case of Mode-S)
High sensitive front-end with ranges over 200 miles
Simple module integration – programming using high-speed UART and AT commands
Scalable OEM solution with enormous customization potential
High-speed memory interface for data storage
GNSS (NMEA) input for dynamic calculations of relative distances to the aircraft
Power supply 3.3 V, current consumption ≈200mA
Designed to meet the requirements of TSO-C199
Size & weight: 23.0 x 18.0 x 2.5mm, ~4cm2 (2g)




SAA/DAA (Sense and Avoid / Detect and Avoid)
UAS ground stations
Mobile air traffic information devices
High-density traffic surveillance
Traffic-flow analysis and statistics
For systems that meet the NextGen/SESAR philosophy

Aerobits TIM MC1 Technical specification

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