5V / 3A regulator (UBEC)



5V / 3A regulator (UBEC)

The 3A UBEC utilises switching technology to gain a much higher efficiency than a linear BEC, this means less heat and longer battery life. The UBEC is equipped with a noise reduction alloy housing to reduce noise even further. Incorrect polarity safety feature ensures the UBEC will not be destroyed should the battery be connected incorrectly.

We supply Turnigy where available but may supply Hobbywing equivalent when supplies require.

• Over current and overheat protection.
• Switching frequency 300khz.
• 92% chip efficiency
• Noise reduction alloy housing

Turnigy UBEC-3A Hobbywing UBEC-3A



Specifications (Turnigy):                                                  (Hobbywing)
Output: 5v/3A or 6v/3A (selectable)                                 Output: 5v/3A or 6v/3A (selectable)
Noise: <50mVp-p(@2A/12v)                                              Noise:<50mVp-p(@2A/12v)
Input: 5.5v-23v (2-5S Lipo pack, 5-15cells NiMh)      Input:5.5v-26v (2-6S Lipo pack, 5-18cells NiMh)
Size: 41.6×16.6×7.0mm                                                        Size:   43x17x7mm
Weight: 7.5g                                                                              Weight: 11g

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 cm