Bitscope Analog Probe PRB02


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Bitscope Analog Probe PRB02 300MHz, 100:1

The Bitscope Analog Probe PRB02 is a very high impedance 300MHz, 100:1 probe compatible with all BNC terminated BitScopes.

It is the recommended choice for higher voltage signals ranging from 1V to 1kV (peak). It has fixed attentuation with low input capacitance suitable for use with sensitive high impedance circuits, especially at high frequency and/or higher voltages. The probe head is detachable and the probe cable terminated with a SMB connector (for RF work).

A full accessories kit with a range of probe tip adapters, ground connect, channel identifier and insulated compensation tool is included. If you need isolation to make differential measurements we recommend PRB-06. If you need to measure voltages higher than 1kV we recommend PRB-05.

If you have other Bitscope requirements, please contact us for assistance.

Bitscope PRB02 Probe


300 MHz 100:1 (fixed), 100MΩ/5.5pF, 1.2 nS rise time, 1kVpeak/700Vrms. Detachable head & accessories kit.


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