Aerobits TID Aero



Aerobits TID Aero ADSB receiver module

The Aerobits TID Aero is a low-cost ADS-B receiver dedicated especially for drones (DAA Detect and Avoid technology). It offers two interfaces (UART/USB) and two protocols (AEROTM/MAVLink) for simple plug&play integration. Aero based on the proven FPGA-In-The-Loop technology with many unique features.

The TID Aero belongs to the class of the smallest ADS-­B receivers on the market and has been developed for civil and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems. It is especially dedicated to UAS controllers supporting the MAVLink protocol.

The TID Aero operates on 1090MHz and allows tracking air traffic (equipped with ADS-­B technology) in the vicinity of 100 km from UAS. The goal is to ensure a safe separation between manned and unmanned aircraft. Aero opens the way to the implementation of the Detect and Avoid algorithms, supporting the integration of UAS into the airspace

Aerobits TID Aero Features:

o ADS-B and Mode-A/C/S with the ability to track up to 100 aircraft
o RF power measurement for each frame (useful for distance estimation in case of Mode-A/C/S)
o High sensitive front-end (jamming and ESD protection) with ranges over 200 km (1dBi antenna)
o Simple module integration – plug&play
o Two interfaces available: UART and USB
o Power supply 5.0 V, current consumption 70mA
o Designed to meet the requirements of TSO-C199
o Small outline (a): 25.0 x 17.5 x 10.0 (11g weight with antenna)


o SAA/DAA (Sense and Avoid / Detect and Avoid)
o Mobile and stationary traffic surveillance
o Anti-collision warning devices
o For UTM / U-Space construction
o For systems that meet the NextGen / SESAR philosophy
o On-board traffic monitoring
o Position broadcasting
o Implementation of Detect and Avoid algorithms

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 1 cm
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