Silvertone TSCM

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  • Monitor your spectrum of interest
    From DC to 40GHz+ as required
    Identify, log and alarm on signals of interest

Kestrel TSCM Software is a highly evolved TSCM | SIGINT | ELINT specific, operator centric SDR application.The Kestrel TSCM Software is not a simplistic desktop spectrum analyzer, offering limited capability. Rather, it is a highly deployable, mission scalable, travel-friendly, full- featured TSCM focused product for professionals. Kestrel TSCM® Professional Software engages and brings the professional technical operator back into the equation. Innovative and many advanced never-before-seen features included standard. Optional features enhance functionality and capability even further. Kestrel TSCM Software is mission adaptable, scalable, upgradable, and well‐positioned to generate the opportunity for new and recurring revenue streams. It exponentially improves real‐world Probability of Intercept (POI) and Probability of Detection (POD) for the end‐user. It embraces a modern moving target threat model, as defined under the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard™.

The technical operator, not the equipment manufacturers,are now defining and redefining field deployment capability. The modern SDR resources are decidedly founded on an entirely new professional service methodology! It is the experience and real‐world needs of professional technical operators like you that continue to drive the success and the future of the Kestrel TSCM® Professional Software, from a new development prospective. Perhaps your innovative Software Defined Radio (SDR) idea or feature will be added to the next official release of the Kestrel TSCM® Professional Software!

Various options are available which require a needs-analysis. Please call to discuss your requirements. This is a controlled software product from North America which is only sold to authorised end-users.