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Standard modules

The essential software modules are now standard, as continued evolution of Kestrel has built upon these basic modules.

Optional Modules

Autonomous collection, I/Q recorder, visualisation of results, dynamic plotting, remote control of one or multiple remote receivers, and more!

Licencing Model

Individual licencing through to enterprise-wise licenes are available. One receiver and one PC? Or maybe multiple users on a far-flung network. Call us!

australian Support

We’re here to assist you in purchase, configuration and operation. Local support in the local time-zone, with ready access to the Canadian developers.

Session Report Generator

The SRG TM is fully integrated and allows for real-time, on-the-fly ad-hoc report generation in the standard Portable Document File (PDF) format.

The SRG TM allows the operator to capture plots of the RF Spectral Display (RSD) and Waterfall Display (WFD) data, for inclusion within the report. This resource provides the means to export a comprehensive RF based report that can be utilized as an attachment to a end-user report.

Advanced Report Generator

The ARG TM is a powerful standards-based Report Management System (RMS) TM that is expertly integrated into every aspect of the Kestrel ® application allowing the technical operator to build custom proprietary reporting solutions with extreme versatility.

The ARG TM resource is second to none in the industry and provides total control over the reporting process across the entire assignment as a template-based master report builder.

Automatic Export Control

Operators that deploy the software for remote monitoring applications benefit from the periodic export of all, or newly detected signal events based on operator defined time or trigger parameters.

The ability to define the automatically exported CSV signal list elements further refines the process and provides actionable RF intelligence. The AEC TM option also provides a powerful (triggered) IQ capability and separately allows the export of CSV Spectra and RSSI values.

Command-Line Programming

Operators can setup unique audio alerts across the application and event produce automatic screen shots based on triggered events.

The ability to define customized Email and SMS network alerts, trigger system actions such as Smart ECM and interface virtually all software programs, third-party demodulation, decoding and analytical applications is supported.

Software only or a fully set up system


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